Within the project „Physical Theatre for Youth“

March 27th – April 3rd 2022 in Lyon

From 2021 to 2023, Plateforme participates in the project „Physical Theatre for Youth“ which is co-financed by Erasmus+ (Capacity Building Project) and coordinated by the polish association Stowarzyszenie Pozytywnych Zmian (Positive Change Association), offering several workshops in european (Denmark, Poland, France) and south-amercian countries (Columbia, Chile, Ecuador). The aims of the project were to show different approaches of Physical Theatre in Europe and around the world, create a network of actors and institutions working within this field and, at the same time, create an online-database about Physical Theatre. For more information, please also visit the Facebook page of the project.

Within this project, Plateforme hosted a workshop in Lyon, focussed on Mime Corporel by Etienne Decroux :

Moment by moment, our emotional states are visible in our posture, in the music of our gestures or in the curves of our spine that we modulate unconsciously. With the Corporeal Mime Technique it is possible to become aware and to amplify thoses subtle adjustements, in order to create humourous or dramatic characters revealing this interior and invisible world.
During this workshop, we worked with the Corporeal Mime Technique of Etienne Decroux to improve the participants’ possibilities in terms of articulation, rythm, intensity and precision in their movements. Each element taken from the technique toolbox was further explored through solo and duet improvisations and lead towards creating physical characters. This approach allowed for a solid training in mime technique while leaving space for each participant to express their own sensitivity on stage.

For your information, these are the other workshop-dates within the project:

Training Course ECUADOR (GUAYAQUIL)  – 19-26 february 2022

Training Course CHILE (ANTOFAGASTA) – 30 april – 7 may 2022

Jobshadowing DENMARK (COPENHAGEN) – 1-8 october 2022

Jobshadowing COLUMBIA (BOGOTA) – 5-12 november 2022

Final Event POLAND (WARSAW) – 9-15 january 2023

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

The trainer

Celia Dufournet is an actress and professor of Corporeal Mime. Between 2011 and 2016 she studied and taught within de Mime Research Center directed by Thomas Leabhart in Pomona College California. Since her return in France, she teaches regularly for amateur and professional students (Theater Conservatory of Toulouse, Hippocampe Mime School, Theater of the Ring, etc.)… She also writes and plays in various productions dealing with socio-cultural problems such as junk food, the role of women in fairy tales, the monopolization of drinking water, …

Célia Dufournet